Chalk Art Competition

Attention artists!  Join us in transforming the cement pavement at Windmill Park into a vibrant museum of chalk art and compete for exciting prizes. The event will take place as part of Arts on Central, August 21, 2024. Registration is FREE and REQUIRED!

As visitors stroll by, they can watch these beautiful creations come to life, vote for their favorites, and even try their hand at chalk art. The event features live music, delicious food, and fun activities for everyone. Both individual artists and groups of up to four people are welcome to participate.

Remember, these "paintings" are temporary, lasting only until the next rainfall, so be sure to catch a glimpse before they disappear. Come celebrate a lively and colorful weekend with us, showcasing community talent and encouraging creativity in people of all ages and abilities through this unique art form.

REMINDER: Registration Deadline is August 16.

If you are unable to register online, download and print the forms and email or return to our office at 509 8th St SE, Orange City by August 16.

Chalk art competition faqs

WHEN: Wednesday, August 21st, 2024
WHERE: Windmill Park, Orange City
TIME: 8AM - 4PM work time

Chalk Art Eligibility:
- All Individuals, groups, and parent-child teams welcome
- Beginners as well as professional artists welcome
- Recommended group size of 4 or less

Space Assignment:
-All competitors are assigned a 4x4 ft square on one of the sidewalks in the SE corner of Windmill Park
-Spaces will be assigned randomly, so some spaces may have cracks or texture variations.

Check-In and Registration:
-All participants must be registered and have a completed/signed waiver form to participate.
-Check-in and space assignments begin at 8 AM at the Info Booth in Windmill Park on the day of the event.
-Artists may start drawing any time after 8 AM that day but must be complete by 4 PM.

Timeline of Event:
8 AM: Check-in begins at the Info Booth in Windmill Park
8 AM - 4 PM: Artists draw
4 PM: Drawing stops and judging begins
6 PM: Final Community / Judge Viewing and vote casting
7 PM: Winners announced at Windmill Park and Online

What to Bring:
-You will be outside, on concrete, in August. It will be hot! We recommend you bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and an umbrella (no canopies, please). Area will be mostly shaded by trees.

-Bring drinking water. Staying hydrated will be critical to your health!

-Non-oil based (water-based), temporary, washable hard chalk. (no paints, adhesives, Fixatives, sealants, oil-based, other materials allowed).

-Whatever you need to make your work, brushes, water smudging tools, spray bottle with water, sponges, q-tips, rulers, paper towels, wet wipes, etc.

CAN NOT USE: spray chalk, marking chalk, homemade chalk, paint, crayons, ink, adhesives, or any other semi-permanent or permanent products (includes glitter, jewels, etc.)

-A whisk broom or brush to clean the surface as needed, plus rags or towels to clean up as you work
Something to kneel on...a gardeners pad, a soft towel, knee pads.

-A piece of cardboard or something else to sit and stand on so you don't smear your work
a blanket, chair, or something like that to be comfortable.

-A container of water and a brush, rag, or sponge to fix errors or remove unwanted parts of your design.

-Gloves to protect your hands...the concrete will be hot and rough, so give that some thought.

-Brushes, chalkboard erasers, or some other tool to blend larger areas of color.

Additional Comments/Rules:
If you are reproducing an image created by another artist (living or deceased), credit the original artist and the title of their work.

-Please respect other artists, do not walk on their work, or have open beverage containers that could spill and destroy work.

-Drawings must remain within the designated square area. This is a family event. Artwork containing nudity, profanity, or content deemed inappropriate will be removed and the artist disqualified.

Failure to comply by these rules or guidelines may be grounds for dismissal.

Chalk Art Contest Rules:

-Artists are required to check in before beginning to work on their "canvas". Only registered artists are eligible to compete for awards. Your section of pavement will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

-Youth Category artists will have a smaller 4' x 4' pavement "canvas". All youth artists, aged 10 or younger, must compete on a team of 2 to 4 people. All minors under the age of 14 must have an adult present at all times during the working session!

-Artists, of all ages, may create original works or reproductions of other works. If a reproduction is chosen, you must credit the original artists and the title of the artwork in a visible location near your "canvas".

-Only washable sidewalk chalk that is non-oil based and in a solid form may be used.

-The art must be suitable for public viewing by people of all ages. No nudity, political statements, inappropriate content, commercial advertising, or political advertising may be created. Keep it Rated G! The organizing committee has the right to make a judgment at any point in the day, if the art is controversial.

-You may bring an umbrella, a beach umbrella, or a patio umbrella in a stand, but no canopy tents are allowed. The work area will be mostly shaded by trees.

-Please respect your fellow artists! Don't walk on their art, have open beverages that might spill. Keep your supplies in your own area, and be supportive of each other. We encourage you to chat with onlookers and other artists...make a friend or two!

-Your clothing should be suitable for a public, family-friendly event. No smoking, vaping, or adult beverages, please. If you wish to smoke or vape, please leave the contest area.

-Your work must be completed by 4:00 p.m. for judging. You may begin work as soon as you check in and are given your "canvas".

-You must clean up your work area when finished. Completed work must be free of supplies and garbage or will be subject to disqualification.

Tip and Tricks:

-Most artists begin by outlining their entire drawing and then coloring it in with the chalk. Some use water and a paintbrush to outline, then trace the watermark with chalk before it evaporates.

-Wet chalk goes onto the concrete differently than dry chalk. Explore different ways of adding water to your artwork to blend the chalk or increase the vibrancy of the colors.

-To enlarge your design for the sidewalk "canvas", the grid method can be helpful.

-Frequently stand up and look at your artwork from a different perspective to make sure you're happy with how it will be viewed by the judges.

-Try not to use your hands to blend, because the concrete will be hard on them! Use chalkboard erasers, chunks of pool noodles, brushes, or other items instead.

-Don't forget the sunscreen and drinking water!! If you get too warm, take a break and cool off. We will have coolers of ice available for you, so you can soak a rag for your neck and/or head if you need to.


Chalk Art

Registration Forms

Download Form:
Registration Form (completed and return)

Registration Deadline: August 16

How do I Register?

  1. Complete the registration online. Click the button below.
  2. Download the Registration Form, and email the completed form to or drop off at our office located at 509 8th St SE, Orange City (big Windmill, also the Chamber office).Please note: All Participants must sign and return both the Registration and Waiver forms to be included in the competition.

If you have any questions please email us at or call 712-707-4510.