Shakespeare in the Park – Henry IV

Jul 15, 2024 7:00PM—8:30PM


Windmill Park, Orange City


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A coming-of-age story filled with action-packed battle sequences and lots of drama!

Henry IV, Part 1 is a historical drama by William Shakespeare, likely written between 1596 and 1597. It is part of the Henriad, a tetralogy that also includes Richard II, Henry IV, Part 2, and Henry V. Set in early 15th-century England, the play depicts the political and personal turmoil during King Henry IV’s reign. The story focuses on young Prince Harry, the future King Henry V, as he navigates his father’s challenges, his friendship with the roguish Sir John Falstaff, and a rebellion led by the charismatic Hotspur.

In Shakespeare’s body of work, Henry IV, Part 1 is notable for its exploration of themes such as honor, duty, and the complexities of leadership. It provides a nuanced character study of Prince Harry, who transforms from a reckless youth into a future king. The play also introduces Falstaff, one of Shakespeare’s most beloved characters, whose wit and larger-than-life presence bring comedic elements to the story.

Performed by members of the Starling Shakespeare Company, a non-profit theatre company whose touring performances explore the playfulness, complexity, and humanity in the plays of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries.