Theater workshop FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the theater workshop Beauty and the Beast! To offer the best experience for your child, please read and review the FAQ below.

Due to the ongoing fluctuations of COVID, our partner Compass Creative Dramatics highly encourages masks and vaccinations but are not required.

Children's Theater Workshop FAQs

What is the Compass Creative Dramatics Theatre Residency?

A CCD residency is a five-day theatre program that involves daily rehearsals taught by Chicago theatre professionals. By the end of the week, the students will be ready to perform a musical adaptation of a classic children's story.

What makes Compass Creative Dramatics residency special?

Not only is the CCD residency taught by professional actors from the Chicago area, but the kids get an opportunity to perform onstage with them as well. Two actor/educators perform right next to the student actors, leading by example, and sharing the experience of live performance.  They're right there on-stage offering support and helping your child shine. CCD provides all the elements of the production-professionally designed and produced music, costumes, props, sets, and make-up-all to make this an unforgettable experience for your student!

Who can participate in the production?

Compass Creative Dramatics allows students from 1st to 12th grade to participate. Check with your local sponsoring organization to find out if the sponsoring organization has opted to further limit the ages of the students. No theatrical experience is necessary!

Why should I enroll my child?

Your students will learn and grow throughout the week.

CCD encourages kids to expand their horizons by stretching their creative muscles as they explore the dramatic arts by participating in a musical theatrical production of a classic children's story.

The residency is a great opportunity to make new friends. Students are integrated during rehearsals, so your child will learn how to collaborate with students from a multitude of grades.

CCD programming encourages imagination and critical thinking, providing a safe environment in which kids can take healthy risks and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the week, our students learn about themselves and discover how to turn their limitations into assets.

A Compass Creative Dramatics theatre residency is the perfect place for your student to be an individual, valued part of a collaborative team.

How does the play get cast?

We meet the students on the first day of the residency, and within a few hours, we will have auditioned them and cast them in their roles! Every child has an important role in the show. We're pros, and we are great at assessing students' strengths and assets quickly in auditions and casting them accordingly. Each child will have an opportunity to shine and grow during the week!

Should the students prepare anything for auditions?

Nope! We have a fantastic system that allows us to guide students through an easy step-by-step audition that allows us to observe their comfort with basic lines, movement, and singing.

My child is shy. How will the theatre residency help my child? Will they feel comfortable?

One of the strengths of the CCD team lies in assessing each child's comfort levels and building from there. The program has been developed to give each student a support network onstage and off. They work in groups and are supported onstage by the other members of the cast, as well as by the two adult actor/educators who perform alongside them. This level of teamwork usually helps alleviate most students' initial fears and concerns.  It encourages the students both to feel safe and to grow throughout the week. While they don't promise to erase all stage fright from the students, CCD has a great track record of helping shy kids find their voice and become more comfortable in their skin.

My child has never been in a play, is that okay?

Absolutely! This program is designed to be customized and flexible to suit a wide variety of ages, experience levels, and talents. This is a great way for your child to have a fantastic week-long immersion in theatre. CCD adjusts the teaching and guidance as well as the level of difficulty for each student, which means your child won't feel left out or look out of place, even if this is their first time!

My child is a veteran of the stage.  Is this program still right for them?

Since this program is designed to be customized and flexible to a wide variety of ages, experiences, and talents, the educators are able to adjust the teaching and guidance as well as the level of difficulty for each student, which means even if you have a budding star on your hands, they'll be glad to help nurture your child, challenge them to further growth, and give them another wonderful theatrical experience.

If my child is not available for the entire week or would need to miss the performance, can they still enroll in the program?

We understand you and your child are both busy individuals and have outside commitments from rehearsals; however, because of the very collaborative nature of the program, students are not excused from rehearsals or performances.

May I stay and observe?

Definitely! CCD understands parents' desire to be sure their student is well-adjusted to a new environment and for guardians to get familiar and comfortable with the CCD staff. CCD has an open rehearsal policy. As long as your presence is not a distraction to the students, your student included, you are more than welcome to observe throughout the duration of our residency. However, please note that if at any time a CCD staff member deems your presence may be hindering the students' ability to learn or focus you will be asked to wait outside of the rehearsal space in a common area. More information about this and other residency policies can be found in the Student and Guardian Codes of Conduct.

What does my family need to provide for the week?

For the whole week:

    • Pack a snack for your child to bring with them daily and do not plan on after-school deliveries. Snack breaks will vary slightly day-to-day and we do not want to have a student miss out because a delivery hasn't been made or rehearsal to be disrupted with food deliveries. The snack should be something that can easily be consumed in a 10-15 minute break.


    • A water bottle. It is important that the students can stay well-hydrated during rehearsal.


    • Comfortable clothes. We will be up dancing and moving a lot and it is important that students dress accordingly. We also request for students' safety that they only wear shoes with closed toes and heel. No flip-flops or sandals, please.


On Friday:

    • Paper grocery bag. We request that everyone bring a large brown paper grocery bag with their name and character name written on them. This will be their storage bag for when they are not in costume on Friday.


    • A set of base clothes: neutral-colored t-shirt/tank top and shorts and closed toe/heel shoes. Though we provide the costumes, we do request that your student have a specific outfit to wear under their costume that is solid & neutral-colored (i.e. no pictures, writing, polka dots, etc.). Please do not wear this outfit to rehearsal. Have this be a separate outfit that is brought with them in their grocery bag. If there is a Saturday performance, these clothes will stay overnight in their bag with their costume between Friday and Saturday.


What play will the students be doing?

During our week with Compass Creative Dramatics, our students will learn, play, and perform Beauty and the Beast.

When is the theatre residency?

Our organization's Compass Creative Dramatics residency will take place the week of July 25-30, 2022. Rehearsals will be from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm and performances will be on Friday, July 29 at 6 pm and Saturday, July 30 at 2 pm.

Where will residency be taking place?

Rehearsals and performances will take place at DeWitt Theater Arts Center, 721 Albany Ave SE, Orange City, IA

How much does it cost to participate, and how can I register my child(ren)?

$40 registration fee per student. Download the forms or Register online. Questions or need help? Contact us at to request information.

T-shirts are also available for purchase with the registration, the cost is $20. Shirts can also be purchased directly from the Compass Creative Educators the week of the workshop (sizes may be limited at that time).

How much are the tickets for the performance, and how can I get tickets?

Tickets are $7.00 and will be available online or at the door.

COVID Policies

Masks and vaccinations are encouraged but not required.

Registration Forms

Download Forms:
Registration Form (completed and return)
Code of Conduct (complete and return)

Complete ALL forms and submit with payment to:
Orange City Arts, 509 8th St SE, Orange City IA, 51041

Email forms to:

If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Get Involved

Orange City Arts is in need of two Volunteers to help run Sound and Lighting for Beauty and the Beast with Compass Creative Dramatics! This is a great opportunity to get involved with the production and to help our students put together an awesome show.

Anyone ages third grade and up can be a volunteer. No experience in theatre is required, only a positive attitude and the ability to follow along with a script.

Volunteers must be available for the duration of rehearsals Wednesday, July 27 through Friday, July 29 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm as well as for performances July 29 at 6 pm and July 30 at 2 pm.

If you have any questions or wish to volunteer, please fill out this Theater Workshop Volunteer Form or Contact Us